INK’s voice reflects our brand personality and should come through in all INK marketing content (e.g. blogs, social media, digital ads, email marketing). When you think of INK’s voice, think of our leadership team.

Voice Characteristics

  • Friendly and conversational, but also whip smart
  • Confident, but never in a know-it-all sort of way
  • Straightforward, clear without being overly simplistic or downplaying our skillset or expertise
  • Witty, smart-funny 
  • Positive

Voice Samples

Straightforward INK Voice
INK’s Voice Balanced With an Author’s Personal Voice

While INK’s voice takes cues from our leadership team, our content varies slightly depending on the author. Here are some examples of INK’s voice balanced with the author’s personal voice:

INK Voice on Social
  • While paid social media is perfect for serving up quick wins that boost KPIs, organic social is the long game that builds credibility. SVP @poloskey gets real about why your brand still needs an organic social strategy.
  • When presenting to the C-suite, keep your #communications concise and remember the mantra: Explanation + Recommendation + Expectation. INKer @helenrod provides five tips for effective executive presentations
  • #CEOs are bombarded with demands for their attention from the moment they pick up their phone in the morning until they put it down at night. Find out exactly what they’re looking for to ensure your #marketing content stands out
  • Reaching a CEO audience with your content means breaking through the noise. Think of our latest e-book as your field guide. From daily habits to communications preferences, get the answers you need to catch their eye and hold their interest