• INKer Headshots

    We use two aspect ratios for our headshots, a square ratio and a slim ratio. For most applications, headshots should be displayed in the slim ratio; however, if the image will be displayed in a circle, such as as an online avatar, the square ratio should be used.

    Aspect Ratio File Dimensions
    1 * 1 750px * 750px
    1 * 1.5 500px * 750px
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    INK_2019_Hannah-Cole_2139 INK_2019_Ryan-Riggins_3008 INK_2019_SA_Valerie_Carter-3408_500x750_Full-Res INK_2019_Starr-Baker_8457 INK_2019_Starr-Baker_8457_750x750_Full-Ress INK_2019_Traci-Mazurek_0086

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  • Workplace Photography

    Workplace photography should highlight our people and spaces and our collaborative, creative nature. Color treatment should be saturated and bright but slightly faded. Subjects should have natural, candid expressions.

    20190507-INK_5111 20190507-INK_5197 20190507-INK_5225 20190507-INK_5286 20190507-INK_5331

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