INK targets three different personas within B2B technology companies. To use these personas effectively in your writing, think of a client who fits these attributes and position your content in a way that speaks to them. 

Mid-level Marketer

Wants to know how

  • Title: Director of Corporate Comms, Senior PR Manager, Marketing Director, Marketing Programs Manager
  • Responsibilities: Day-to-day execution, comms up and down, project/team management
  • Values: Streamlined processes/programs, results for leadership, internal perception
  • Challenges: Proving value, maintaining comms across levels, successful execution

VP of Marketing

Wants to know why

  • Title: CMO, VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing
  • Responsibilities: High-level management  and strategy, overall direction of positioning
  • Values: Results, reputation (internally and externally), efficiency (teams, programs)
  • Challenges: Lack of time, maintaining company growth/improvement/alignment, fears vulnerability

Renegade Marketer

Wants to know what’s new and different

  • Title: This is more of a mindset than a specific title, but common titles might include Chief Innovation Officer or Chief Growth Officer
  • Responsibilities: Big ideas, change management,  strategy, spokesperson opportunities
  • Values: Creativity, change, visionary status, hard takes, being heard
  • Challenges: Executing on ideas, big ideas/visions being watered down, abiding by red tape, lack of relatable colleagues, bored by day-to-day tasks