• Primary Logo

    In most instances, the primary logo is the preferred application of our brand identity. See the descriptions above the other versions of our logo for explanations of when to use them.

  • Primary Logo (Only Letters)

    Use this version of the Primary Logo when a more minimal representation of our brand identity is preferred or if the applied space is small enough that "Communications Co." would be illegible.

  • Secondary Logo

    Use this version when the applied space is at least twice as wide as it is tall, for instance, the physical logo above the HQ office doors.

  • Logo Clear Space

    When placing the mark in a composition, the logo must have a margin of clear space equivalent to “X”

    Primary Logos

    X = half the height of the INK Letters

    Secondary Logo

    X = the full height of the logo

  • Logo Usage Guidelines

    • When the logo is overlaid on an image or illustration, it should be displayed in either the grey or white version, depending on which would best contrast from the background.

    • When the logo is being used to "watermark" a piece of content with a white background, it can be displayed in Neutral-300 to de-emphasize it's importance in the collateral.

    • When (and only when) the logo is effectively part of an illustration, it can be displayed in Green-100 or Green-800 to ensure it blends appropriately with the surrounding material.

    • Make sure that the logo file you send to vendors does not include the INK letters filled in. This previously would have been permitted but not anymore!