Content Strategy

Our content strategy is rooted in providing value and relating to our target audience, not being self-promotional. With everything we create and share, we make sure we can answer the question, “How is this useful to my audience?”

At the core, we aim to provide our audience with a new perspective or approach to a topic. Our audience should finish reading an INK piece and think, “Wow I’d never considered X” or “I’ve read 10 pieces on Y and none of them took that approach or POV.”

Writing Mindset

Writing in a consistent style helps us uphold INK’s brand personality across channels and leverage our voice as a differentiator. 

  • We have a clear understanding of our audience: Know who they are and where they stand in their buyer’s journey so you can tailor your content to their needs.
  • We go beyond business as usual: Showcase your unique thinking or how you’re approaching a problem differently.
  • We think about the impact per word: Don’t add words for words sake. Each word should have a purpose and provide value to the overall piece. 
  • We keep things real: No BS or over-the-top words.
  • We’re consistent: Presentation and formatting is intentional and uniform.