Buying Stages

The primary purpose of our content is to spur lead generation for new business efforts. Through our content efforts, we’re trying to give our audience valuable information about communications and working with an agency. When writing our content, we think of our audiences in two different “buying” stages.


This stage is when someone is simply searching for information on a particular topic or a solution to their problem. They’re not seeking out an agency, but we can help them by providing smart answers to their questions. The hope is that when it comes time to pursuing an agency, they’ll remember the awesome and helpful content we provided and put us in the mix.

Example: “What is analyst relations?” If INK publishes an article about analyst relations, that prospect will view INK as a knowledgeable resource for helpful content.


This stage is when someone is interested in hiring an outside agency or partner to help them. They’re likely assessing different companies, one of which could be INK. We can appeal to these people by explaining and illustrating the way we do things at INK, how we are different from other agencies, and why we’re an awesome partner.

Example: We have a unique approach to measurement. INK’s Planning & Analysis philosophy might be interesting content for an evaluator to read.